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What happens if your users have low digital literacy skills?

One summer I went to a popular internet/cable service provider’s store to upgrade my parent’s phones for them. This is when the Cloud started to become a common feature between digital devices. As our service attendant started to introduce us to the new smartphones, he talked about that our plan comes with the Cloud for an additional fee. Both of them couldn’t grasp this complex concept of the Cloud. Who could blame them? The closest thing to a cloud they know of is the fluffy white things floating in the sky.

When they asked the service attendant what it was…

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A common Dark UX Pattern that’s easy to check into, but hard to escape.

It all started with registering for a Homecoming 5K Marathon at my alma mater. What I thought was going to be a fun experience turned into a nightmare. It took me three years to catch this unrecognizable charge in my bank account. I looked up the company online and came to a forum where people had the same concern as I did with the same business. We didn’t know we signed up for this reward points system yearly subscription. It turns out, when I registered for…

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Understanding information context and meaning through a non-digital medium environment.

Our perception is continuously giving us information every second that shapes our experience. It is creating a narrative we can tell others from our perspective after having experienced a moment of joy. Especially when a memory sequence occurs in a physical location. Andrew Hinton explains this experience with an environment’s context, “Even though we can’t literally reach into a person’s consciousness and meticulously create an experience, we can definitely shape the environment.”¹ With this in mind, our experiences with an environment’s context shift their meaning through our perception to create an impactful impression.

According to Nob Yoshigarhara, “Perception deals with…

Vicki Ortiz

Graduate Student at Columbia College Chicago | UX Designer 👩🏻‍💻 | IL📍

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